GEHAD offers a full production service; taking your ideas and delivering an outstanding visual representation – but i am also glad to team up with your team, and handle just a specific part of my production.

  • Creative Direction

With experience across all range of productions plus a background in advertising production – Gehad effectively worked on creative concepts from the earliest stages.

Gehad has directed creative web films, corporate & educational videos, as well as television (TV) commercials.

Creative direction can include everything starting with
coming up with the principal idea, (which fits with the strategy) right through the actual copywriting of the scripts and overseeing the production into an artwork.
A strong organizing idea can be executed almost anywhere and used in the digital domain, TV ads, viral campaigns, or developed into branded entertainment.
understanding that creative concepts may need to be doable with parameters of resources and time. A good creative director knows how to creatively stretch within these bounds. This is how to grow small clients into big ones.

  • Storyboarding

Storyboard helps in clarifying your vision and gets everyone on the same page for a great production.Whether you’re working on commercials, features, animation or videos, I can help turn your ideas into reality!
Gehad worked as a Storyboard Artist in marketing and worked with the most innovative advertising agencies in the industry since 2003, I create illustrative storyboards in preparation for your Video.
This is thorough the process of thinking through the concept and day-to-day development of your organization’s video ensures that all creative avenues are explored and every potential roadblock is considered long before production begins.
This foresight guarantees that there are no surprises during the production of your video for a streamlined process that saves you time, money, and produces the results you expect!

  • Film-making Director

Gehad’s background in advertising and Film making has resulted in him being a good combination in film and advertising industry.
Gehad has a team of pre- production, crew and post people standing by to work on Gehad’s ridden production shoots.
Give him a call to discuss what is required to make your project an award winner.


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