About me

Director’s Bio
Gehad Abdel Nasser Ahmed Dia EL Din is an Egyptian based filmmaker director for theatrical Cinema’s motion pictures, in addition to TV commercials & Documentaries including advertising, corporate videos and industrial films.

He was born in 1985 and raised in an art-lovers family, as he inherited his talent for drawing from his parents who were fine- arts graduates, beside being inspired by his grand-pa Filmmaker Director “Ahmed Diaa el Din “ who has known with his youth-oriented movies at that time, such as “El Morahekat” and “Ayn Omry” and many other movies that considered as a new trend of movies at this golden era. In addition to his Uncle Karim Diaa El Din who featured many movies, included ”El Marakby” and “Ismailia raye7 gai” which critics claimed it to be the fire-flame to what’s known later by “youth cinema”.

Gehad Specializes in a special kind of film making that mixes realistic imaging with all kind of tools & visual effects techniques which blends animation with live action performance, this experience has been acquired from studying the art of animation & filmmaking at the Higher Institute of Cinema (2003- 2007) in Egypt. He has served in the creative art of producing innovative concepts and ideas for all kinds of media since his undergraduates. Beside being involved at every stage of production process, as a film maker Director/Script writer/Editor /storyboard artist. Set on a directing career, Gehad featured his first animated short film “JIHAD” at 2006, followed by his graduation project “HOLLOW INSIDE” at 2007, which awarded the Golden award as the best animated film at the 14th session of The National Festival of Egyptian’s cinema films on(April 30, 2008), in addition to winning the best animated objects film from Talaat harb animation film festival (feb8, 2008).



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